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Student Profile: Jesse Gordon-Blake


Jesse Gordon-Blake

Age: 22

Major: Biochemistry

Status: Senior

Jesse Gordon-Blake, a 22-year-old senior, is studying biochemistry and enjoys spending his time making his own music.

As a DJ, Gordon-Blake has been creating his own music for three years and pulls his inspiration from all genres of music, he said.

“I try to combine genres in order to create something new and unique—something that is not the norm,” he said.

When asked what he would describe his music as Gordon-Blake replied, “glitch-dub-break-step-bass music,” which pays homage to his interest in diverse genres of music.

Because biochemistry is a demanding major, Gordon-Blake tends to divide his time between school and music, he said.

After four years of taking advantage of the party scene at FLC, Gordon-Blake has decided to stop drinking for the busy semester ahead of him, as school is much easier with a clear mind, he said.

He loves meeting new people and helping people through problems, an attribute that is easily identifiable through his four years working in the computer labs around campus.

“I love meeting new people, talking to people and helping people, and I am down to chill,” he said.