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By Tracy Jones

Changes have been made to the graduation requirements for seniors.

One of the changes is the form that seniors fill out for graduation. Previously, seniors filled out a petition for candidacy for a degree form, which is now an application for graduation, according to the instructional document provided by the Registration Office.

“Students no longer need to declare their graduation dates far in advance of the actual date,” said the new instructions.

“Instead, a new form, the Application for Graduation, will be due by Census Date of the student’s final fall or winter semester.”

“The form is available on the Registrar’s website and the Registrar’s Office on campus, Miller Student Services, room 160.”

It is vital that students are aware of this change in graduation requirements.

Fort Lewis College Senior Michelle Moore is about to start the new graduation requirements.

Moore was not aware of the old requirements, but was told by her advisor about the new steps she would take in order to graduate.

After she registers for her last semester she can began the application process, Moore states.

She will have to have the application completed within the first week of her last semester, said Moore.

Fort Lewis College Senior Rio Rogers says he’s known about the new rules for graduation petitioning seniors because he was sent emails first.

“In my senior seminar, my teacher constantly talked about it so couldn’t miss it, and they had a table outside for people to see which helped even more,” said Rogers.

Rogers immediately went to the Registrars Office to fill out the form after speaking with his advisor.

“The form you fill out is pretty simple,” said Rogers.
He applied before the new rules were made, his email let him know he had to do it another way, and then had to re-apply, claims Rogers.

All the students who applied the semester before as he did under the old rules, had to apply for the second time, stated Rogers.

“I just had to pay once; they said that if you did it the old way you didn’t have to pay again,” said Rogers.

The instructional documents are set out for students at the registrar’s Office in Miller.

On the bookmarks Registration has sitting on their counter, the title reads in big bold letters: “NEW RULES FOR FORT LEWIS COLLEGE SENIORS” and on the back side it reads: “WHAT DO I DO BEFORE I APPLY?”

“An overview of the Application process and to access the Application for graduation form, go to the Registrar’s Office website and click on the Apply to Graduate link: www.fortlewis.edu/registrar,” according to the Registrar’s instructions for the New Rules for Seniors.