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By Jessee Martinez

Once a year we as Americans are able to acknowledge the freedoms we have in our nation. Not only do we acknowledge the freedoms we have, but  also the men and women who protect those freedoms. Veterans Day is a day when we as a nation can give thanks to our veterans for their service and for everything that they have done for us. Here at the Independent we went to the VFW to pay a visit to some of our country’s heroes and ask them a few questions. We also decided to ask a few citizens what Veteran’s Day meant to them personally.

After being in the service at one point in time, what does Veterans Day mean to you?

This is an important day for me for that fact that it’s great to know that people do appreciate what we did and to me that made everything I did worth protecting this country.

As a citizen how important is Veterans Day to you?

It’s very important to me because I’ve had family that served in the military and so this is a time when I can give them thanks for everything.

Do you think Veterans Day is important to celebrate?

If we didn’t celebrate Veterans Day then there would be no point in voluntary service anymore because then it would feel like our soldiers were fighting for ungrateful people.

Do you know anybody that is serving right now?

My older brother is serving in Iraq right now and I couldn’t believe the wonderful news that he was coming home for good in December, so I can’t wait until then.

Veterans Day is the  day  when we can give thanks for everything that our veterans and current soldiers are doing to protect our freedom. Even if it isn’t Veterans Day we encourage everyone to thank a soldier that they see or someone very close to them for their service.  Letting them know their work is appreciated is not in vain.