Ayla Quinn

The third annual Student Opportunity Summit (SOS) was held Tuesday Oct. 11th.

The ASFLC Student Government holds this event to give students a chance to speak to their senators.

The goal of the SOS is for the Fort Lewis College community to vote on their priorities as a student body.

The ASFLC Student Government has put together a Strategic Planning Committee, which assembles goals for the next five years at FLC.

Issues addressed at the SOS will then go to the committee,which is made up of faculty, staff, students and community members of Durango.

The committee meets Nov. 4th and 5th.

Mark Mastalski, the director of the leadership center, views the SOS as a tangible, big picture idea that we can do something about.

The SOS is not about the outcomes, but the process within the next five years at FLC, Mastalski said.

The SOS has accomplished getting the Rocket Compost System, which will help FLC become a more environmentally friendly campus.

Student Body President Natalie Janes and Vice President Mike Kelly directed the SOS, by displaying questions on a power point and allowing members of the audience to voice their priorities.

Janes posed the question, “What can we improve on within the next five years?”

The issues discussed at the forum ranged from, what FLC should look like in five years, to strategic strengths and weaknesses the college has, and recommendations to enhance the learning experiences of students.

For two hours the Vallecito Room was alive with conversation, ideas and hopes for FLC’s future.

Suggestions were made regarding improving FLC workshops, mentoring and internships focusing on real world training, sustainability as part of the curriculum and college operations, and encouraging student involvement through teachers, advising and advertisement.

Students shared their concerns about the money the college is spending and expressed their opinions to make sure FLC was using funds and resources properly.

The SOS was also filled with expressions of strategic advantages from the FLC community, such as small class sizes, location, cultural diversity and the size of the college.

The SOS is an opportunity for students of FLC to voice their priorities to the ASFLC Student Government.