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Photo By Andrew Mangiona

Written By Ayla Quinn

  On Friday, October 28, Bella Dance Studio will be hosting their grand opening at their new location, 3416 North Main #101.                                                                                                                         The activities will include a Masquerade Ball, Silent Auction, and a Haunted House Boogie Bash on October 29,for kids.                                                                                                                             Bella Dance Studio has been open since January 2009 and has the philosophy to, “Teach dance from an artistic point of view,” said Dani Scarafiotti, the owner of the dance studio.                             This attitude comes from the awareness that Bella is shaping young minds every time a class is in session.                                                                                                                                                       Scarafiotti, “Tries to provide a program for everyone,” that is why Bella offers hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, tap, jazz, break dancing, and ballet classes for all ages.                                                              SkyHawk Tracey. Photo by Andrew Mangiona

SkyHawk Tracey teaches break dancing at Bella Dance Studio, but knows a variety of different dances, “Ballet, lyrical, modern, and tap,” but break dancing and hip hop are the most physically demanding, “I always keep pushing,” SkyHawk said.                                                                         Dance has always been a part of SkyHawk’s life, “Dance has been a huge part of me and has kept me out of trouble, it is an honor for me to teach these kids.”                                                                 “Hip hop has the space for creative freedom and that is okay,” SkyHawk explained, “It is okay to be who you are.”                                                                                                                                                 “I felt obligated to bring break dance and that type of dance to Durango,” said SkyHawk, “There is always something new that you can bring to the dance circle.” 

SkyHawk breaking down.  Photo by Andrew Mangiona

Fort Lewis College Dance Commotion is for students and community members, but the majority of participants are students from FLC.  Dance Commotion consists of tryouts and then practice every week.                                                                                                                                               Whoever tries out gets to dance and perform at the end of the semester at the Smiley Building. Each school year there are two performances, one at the end of each semester.                           Vanessa Gies-Barton and Sara Knight both graduated from FLC in April 2011, and they are still a part of Dance Commotion.  Barton has been participating in Dance Commotion for four years, “It is a great outlet”.                                                                                                                                          “You get to know everyone so well,” Barton said, “Dance Commotion teaches you responsibility.” She is performing in six dances this semester and is choreographing one.         Barton estimates their being about 80 people in Dance Commotion this semester, “It is always so much bigger second semester, once the freshmen know about it,” Barton said.                                   This is Knight’s third semester on Dance Commotion, “I never really danced until Dance Commotion,” Knight replied.  She is dancing in seven dances this semester, “You are learning new stuff every time. It’s a really great community, you make a lot of great friends,” Knight said.     So whether you have danced your whole life, like Barton, or start dancing because of Dance Commotion, or Bella Dance Studio, there are so many opportunities to experience.